Ruth Clare

Uplevel your communication skills

“86% of employees cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communications as the main source of workplace failures.”  Fierce Inc. 

Being able to communicate effectively with others isn’t a talent you are born with. It is a skill and a practice. And it is 100% teachable.

Immediate, observable improvements

Highly practical, and tailored to your specific needs, this training ties learning to projects or situations encountered in your organization so participants can learn in real-time how to apply what they learn to improve their day-to-day work. By putting what they learn to immediate use, participants can receive valuable feedback and coaching, embedding and elevating the depth of their learning.


Flexible training options

These in-house or online trainings can be paired with a keynote, delivered as 3 hour workshops or built into an to an in-house program run over an entire year. Available as in-person, on-line or hybrid, you can help your team gain the skills and support they need to be their best selves at work.

Training sessions 


Unwise decisions made during heat-of-the-moment reactivity can damage relationships, make collaboration difficult and decrease motivation and morale. Learn the biological foundation of emotions, how to stay calm under pressure and how to build and maintain empathy even during difficult conversations.

with Courage

Learn how to step into your authority, increase the impact of your presentations and speak courageously in front of others.


Learn how to craft compelling and transformative business stories using the hero's journey framework.

Ruth has given us a powerful new shorthand for understanding and relating to each other. She showed us how to apply what we learned to specific work scenarios so we were able to put theory into practice immediately, and my whole team loved how fun and engaging the workshop was.

Klaudia FurnessKlaudia FurnessProject Manager, APA

What made working with Ruth an absolute pleasure was her down-to-earth nature and approachability. She remained humble and relatable throughout the entire process and her willingness to listen, collaborate, and tailor her offering meet the specific needs of our event was truly commendable.

Luke LindsayLuke LindsayCEO Lifeline

The way you got past the professional facade and tapped into people’s hearts has advanced what we have been trying to do with our program by years.

Dani GoldDani GoldRoyal Children's Hospital

Ruth’s professionalism is of the highest standard and we found her open and straightforward when discussing audience considerations.

 Bruce Mowson Bruce MowsonMerri-Bek City Council

Why learn from Ruth?

Both on the stage and on the page, Ruth is communication expert second-to-none

  • Motivational keynote speaker whose TEDx talk, The Pain of Hiding Your True Self, has had over half a million views
  • Award-winning author
  • Communication consultant and copywriter who spent over a decade creating high impact content for everyone from corporates to not-for-profits
  • Qualified scientist and mental health expert who uses insights from neuroscience and psychology to deepen capacity for communication and connection
  • Freelance writer and regular contributor to publications such as The Age, Elle Magazine and The Good Weekend
  • Professional actor who spent seven years inhabiting the stories of others on television shows like Neighbours and Blue Heelers as well as on stage

This training suits

  • CEOs and developing leaders
  • Legal teams
  • Pitch and sales teams
  • Trainers and teachers
  • Client-facing teams
  • Health and support teams
  • Trainers and teachers

Ruth Clare is an award-winning author, TEDx and motivational keynote speaker, professional actor, qualified scientist and authenticity, resilience and change expert who learned by necessity, first to survive, then to thrive. Ruth weaves research and hard-won lessons with powerful, relatable stories from her lived experience overcoming adversity, to help others find the courage to own the stories that are holding them back so they can rewrite their lives. With a rare knack for distilling the neuroscience and psychology of human behaviour into simple ideas and practical strategies, Ruth shows people how to embrace uncertainty, stay hopeful when times are tough and harness their potential for growth and change. Ruth’s TEDx talk, The Pain of Hiding Your True Self, has had over half a million views.