Ruth Clare


Radio interviews / podcasts / media

  • Conversations with Richard Fidler
    An hour-long radio show that deep dives where Ruth speaks about her experience of growing up as the child of a Vietnam veteran.

  • Royal Children’s Hospital Grand Round
    Ruth speaks to staff at the hospital about the health impacts of domestic violence (DV) on children and why it is up to adults to normalise DV discussions for children (even if they feel uncomfortable about it).

  • Brainwaves
    A radio show focusing on mental illness and recovery where Ruth talks about the generational impacts of PTSD and the strategies that have helped her recovery.

  • Radical Australia
    A radio show focusing on social change where Ruth discusses her decision to share her story of growing up as the child of a veteran and living in a home with domestic violence and addiction as a way to overcome stigma and shame and to drive awareness and change.

  • Unforgiving 60 
    Two ex-special ops guys with MBAs talk to Ruth about her memoir, Enemy, her post-traumatic growth and what she’s learned about the mind, the body and human interaction along the way. 

  • Speakola
    A show focusing on speakers and speeches where Ruth shares her experience doing three TEDx talks and the strategies she uses in crafting her talks.

  • The Ripples of Wartime
    Documentary on people who have been impacted by the Vietnam War where Ruth shares how her father's undiagnosed PTSD affected her as a child.

  • Emil Barna Podcast
    An interview with psychotherapist and writer, Emil Barna, about the generational impact of war.

  • Seen but not heard
    Ruth's essay in Meanjin on the way children are overlooked in family violence 

  • Remembrance Day: Mourning the father I lost
    Ruth's opinion piece in The Age where she talks about not identifying as the child of a veteran growing up.

Ruth Clare is an award-winning author, TEDx and motivational keynote speaker, professional actor, qualified scientist and authenticity, resilience and change expert who learned by necessity, first to survive, then to thrive. Ruth weaves research and hard-won lessons with powerful, relatable stories from her lived experience overcoming adversity, to help others find the courage to own the stories that are holding them back so they can rewrite their lives. With a rare knack for distilling the neuroscience and psychology of human behaviour into simple ideas and practical strategies, Ruth shows people how to embrace uncertainty, stay hopeful when times are tough and harness their potential for growth and change. Ruth’s TEDx talk, The Pain of Hiding Your True Self, has had over half a million views.