Ruth Clare

The courage of creativity

Creativity is courage in action. It asks you to take a risk and dare. To be brave and share – your stories, your vision, your perspective –  with the world.

Creativity teaches you how to endure the unsettling uncertainty of the unknown. How to take mistakes and missteps in your stride, knowing they are part of the process and part of the ride.

In return for your valour, your persistence, your grit, creativity rewards you, with the knowledge and the gift, that you brought something into the world, that without you, wouldn’t exist.

When your courage deserts you, and you have nothing left to give, creativity is there to give to you instead. Through the work of others, who inspire, uplift and remind you, that though you may suffer and yearn, they all stand behind you.

When you are lost, it is a map. When you are broken-hearted, it is a balm. When you are overwhelmed, it is a container, to hold what you cannot.

Our creativity is a reflection, of all we have been and all we are becoming. It endlessly evolves, just as we do, reminding us that each day is a chance to imagine and dream and begin our lives anew.

Creativity is one of my most important values. It is the driving force behind my work and my life. It has been my most loyal companion and the instrument through which I have found beauty and meaning in even my darkest moments. It is the magic behind my capacity to problem solve and see patterns that others miss. It is a gift and a blessing for which I am eternally grateful.

My wish is that you have the courage to tap into your own creativity. Because like courage, creativity is something we all have access to, if we dare to choose it.

Ruth Clare is an award-winning author, TEDx and motivational keynote speaker, professional actor, qualified scientist and authenticity, resilience and change expert who learned by necessity, first to survive, then to thrive. Ruth weaves research and hard-won lessons with powerful, relatable stories from her lived experience overcoming adversity, to help others find the courage to own the stories that are holding them back so they can rewrite their lives. With a rare knack for distilling the neuroscience and psychology of human behaviour into simple ideas and practical strategies, Ruth shows people how to embrace uncertainty, stay hopeful when times are tough and harness their potential for growth and change. Ruth’s TEDx talk, The Pain of Hiding Your True Self, has had over half a million views.